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Oil Spill Management & Response Training

What is it? A new type of oil spill response course combining ICS training along with hands-on equipment deployment and techniques.

Course Takeaways

  • Understand Federal, State, and Local permitting requirements applicable to oil spill response
  • Understand regulatory and non-regulatory requirements during spill response
  • Understand Incident Command System (ICS) roles, responsibilities, and the planning process
  • Develop Incident Action Plans (Initial and Detailed) utilizing the ICS planning process
  • Describe and demonstrate various types of oil spill response equipment and their capabilities
  • Discuss plans associated with spill response
  • Describe how to develop strategies and tactics from objectives utilizing the tactics development process
  • Discuss oil behavior, including tools utilized to estimate spill volume, trajectory modeling, and spill tracking
  • Understand response equipment, technologies, and techniques available for use in spill response
  • Understand components of crisis communication

Hands-on Exercises

  • Boat Handling
  • Field Air Monitoring
  • Personnel Decontamination
  • Hard Boom Deployment
  • Skimmer Deployment
  • Various Exercises and Demonstrations

To enroll, contact MSTC at 337.262.5929 or email us at

Note:  call for dates and cost

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