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Travel Safely by Boat

OPITO Approved

The Travel Safely by Boat is a two-hour program covering boat travel to and from offshore platforms and the transfer of personnel between the vessel and the offshore platform.

No prerequisites are required. Participants who are in possession of a current BOSIET w/EBS, FOET w/EBS, HUET w/EBS, T-BOSIET, T-FOET, T-HUET, BOSIET w/CA-EBS, HUET w/CA-EBS or FOET w/CA-EBS are not required to participate in practical life raft and in-water sea survival exercises.

Course Outline

Boat Travel

  • Classroom
    • Procedures for pre-boarding, safe boarding, while on board and safe disembarkation
    • Procedures for personnel transfers
    • Hazards related to stepping on “boat fenders” covering entrapment and distance between stepping point from vessel to platform, and platform to vessel during personnel transfer.
    • Donning of an appropriate floatation device as used during transfers
    • Transferring boat to boat or boat to gangway and return
    • Swing rope transfers 
    • Various types of Transfer Baskets
  • Practical
    • Holding their weight on a rope prior to using the swing ropes
    • Swinging when ready using the correct method of swing rope transfer including using both hands during transfers in both directions between a simulated boat deck and a simulated fixed installation deck

Boat Emergencies

  • Classroom
    • Donning of a marine lifejacket
    • Floatation characteristics
    • Use of emergency equipment onboard
    • Abandonment
    • Survival techniques following abandonment
  • Practical
    • Donning of a marine lifejacket
    • Water entry
    • Boarding a marine liferaft from water
    • Carrying out initial and secondary actions
    • In-water survival techniques

Course is held monthly. Call for dates.

Tuition: $250
0.2 CEUs