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Fast Rescue Boats

The purpose of this course is to train personnel in the proper actions involved in taking command of, launching, and handling of a Fast Rescue Craft.

Successful completion of this course will satisfy the training requirements of Table A-VI/2-2 of the STCW code; “Specification of the Minimum Standard of Competence in Fast Rescue Boats.”

Course Outline

  • Drills and crew training
  • Characteristics of FRCs
  • FRC crew responsibilities
  • Personal protection equipment
  • FRC handling
  • FRC pre-operational checks
  • Launch and recovery
  • Performance drills on operational checks
  • Performance drills on launching and recovery
  • Performance drills on basic handling
  • Compass introduction
  • Search crew responsibilities
  • Rescue crew briefing
  • Recovery of victims
  • First aid considerations
  • Performance drills on compass, search patterns, rescue
  • Special situations
  • Location Aids
  • Performance drills on towing, pacing, use of pyrotechnics
  • Knowledge and performance evaluations

Scheduled Dates: offered monthly call for dates

              2.4 CEUs