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Comprehensive Survival Craft/Suit Training

USCG Approved

In this two-day course the participant will be able to identify the potential hazards encountered offshore and the proper action to take. The hands-on training covers the totally enclosed survival craft, marine and aviation liferafts, personal flotation devices, survival suits and helicopter underwater egress. This course is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and satisfies the requirements of 46CFR 10.301-34 for MODU licenses and Table A-VI/1-1 of the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeepping (STCW) code.

Course Outline

Sea Survival - HUET

  • Classroom (4 Hours - First Day)
  • Drills and Crew Training
  • Types of Emergencies
  • Abandonment Systems
  • Helicopter Safety, Emergencies & Evacuation
  • Pool Session, Hands-on (4 Hours)

Surviving in Water Without Equipment

  • Survival strokes
  • Swimming through oil, debris, and fire patches
  • Survival float (warm water)
  • Clothing inflation

Surviving With U.S.C.G. Approved Equipment

  • Donning PFD on deck
  • Water entry
  • Donning PFD in water
  • Positive righting and buoyancy test
  • Movement drills
  • HELP, Huddle, Survival circle
  • Marine liferaft - righting, boarding unassisted, assisting other, features and
  • supplies
  • Lifefloat
  • Type V workvest
  • Immersion suit - donning on deck, movement, matting, board liferaft, exit
  • ladder, inspection, donning in water

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training/F.A.A. Equipment

  • Donning inflatable PFD
  • Inflation methods
  • Simulator training -METS
  • Inflate PFD
  • Aviation liferaft - righting, boarding, features, and supplies

Lifeboat Commander

  • Classroom (4 Hours)
  • Types of Emergencies
  • Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC)
  • TEMPSC Characteristics, Equipment
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Davits, Winches, and Releasing Mechanism
  • Tasks During the Abandonment
  • Pre-launch inspection
  • Loading of Personnel
  • Actions after Abandonment
  • Recovery of TEMPSC
  • Boat Handling and Seamanship
  • Loss of Power
  • The Sea Anchor
  • Towing
  • Personnel Transfer
  • Man Overboard
  • Location Aids
  • Radios
  • Visual Location Aids
  • Hands-on (4 Hours)
  • Inspect and complete pre-launch checks
  • Launch and release lifeboat
  • Steer clear of facility
  • Steering by fixed object and compass
  • Man overboard procedures
  • Maneuvering to the facility
  • Hooking up and retrieval
  • Prepare lifeboat for next operation

Scheduled Dates: call for dates