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Swing Rope

Swing Rope Leaning Outcomes:

  •  Swing rope Job Safety Analysis
  •  PPE requirements
  •  Stop Work Authority
  •  Swing rope selection (inboard, outboard) rope condition, anchor point
  •  Routine transfer procedures:  platform to boat, boat to platform
  •  Emergency transfer procedures;  missed landing, suspended between boat and platform
  •  Rescue procedures

Practical Exercises:

  • Pre-test:  Support weight on rope for 5 seconds utilizing only upper body
  • Standard transfers
  • Swing from platform deck to boat deck utilizing only upper body
  • Swing from boat deck to platform deck utilizing only upper body
  • Note:  elevation change; increase of approximately one foot in height onto platform deck
  • Swing, simulated missed landing and stay on rope to return to starting deck
  • Support body weight for 10 seconds utilizing lower body (legs) to decrease weight on upper body