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Basic Survival Craft

This one-day course is designed for all personnel working offshore. It provides the participant with a basic understanding of the capabilities and operation of the Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC). MSTC currently uses both Watercraft (double fall) and Survival System (single fall) TEMPSC.

We have five operation launching davits and five TEMPSC in operation, allowing us to demonstrate winches and releasing gear. The participant will launch the craft, operate it in water, and recover it into the davit.

Course Outline

  • Classroom
    • Introduction
    • Types of Emergencies
    • Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled
    • Survival Craft (TEMPSC)
    • TEMPSC Characteristics
    • TEMPSC Equipment
    • Inspection and Maintenance
    • Davits, Winches, and Releasing Mechanisms
    • Tasks During the Abandonment
    • Pre-launch Inspection
    • Loading of Personnel
    • Actions After Abandonment
    • Recovery of TEMPSC
    • Boat Handling and Seamanship
    • Propellers
    • Use of the Rudder
    • Loss of power
    • The Sea Anchor
    • Towing
    • Personnel
    • Transfer
    • Man Overboard
    • Location Aids
    • Radios
    • Visual Location Aids
  • Practical Exercise - Launching and recovering both the double and ingle fall TEMPSC
    • Inspect and Complete Pre-launch Checks
    • Launch and Release Lifeboat
    • Steer Clear of Facility
    • Steering by Fixed Object and Compass
    • Man Overboard Procedures
    • Maneuvering to the Facility
    • Hooking Up and Retrieval
    • Prepare Lifeboat for Next Operation

Course is held monthly. Monday (call for dates)

Tuition: $400
0.8 CEUs