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Escape Chute (Non-OPITO)

The non-OPITO Escape Chute Training program gives students an understanding of how escape chutes are used as a means of an escape from offshore installations and vessels and provide basic training in the use of a typical escape chute used offshore.

Course Outline

  • Classroom
    • Alternate means of escape
    • Escape Chute as abandonment option
    • History of the escape chute
    • Escape Chute Design
    • Main Components
    • Deployment Components
    • Access Point
    • Entry method
    • Descent
    • Primary Exit Point
    • Alternative Exit Point
  • Escape Chute Exercises
    • Pass from entry to exit point of escape chute twice

Course is held on demand. Call for more information.

Tuition: $250
0.2 CEUs