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Modular Egress Training Simulator

Since helicopters are used so frequently in the offshore industry, helicopter safety has always been a part of MSTC’s training. In October 1997, the Center installed the first permanent Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS) in the United States.

Of the helicopter "dunkers" currently used around the world, the METS is unique in that the seating configuration can easily be changed to simulate any type of craft. Also, changeable side panels allow us to represent any type of emergency exit. Special panels can be fabricated to duplicate any type of exit.

Due to its unique capabilities, it is also available for research and testing. Oil companies in the North Sea are currently using the METS to assure that the helicopter configurations they are using will allow for the egress of all passengers in the case of a water ditching. New exit designs and seating configurations can be tested before they go into production.

The Marine Survival Training Center utilizes the METS for its HUET Training. Due to its unique capabilities the METS is also an excellent research platform. Arrangements can be made to conduct tests or research with the METS.