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Incipient Stage Fire Control 8 Hour Course

This is a basic non-USCG one-day firefighting course.

The actual training can be customized to meet specific company needs.

Course Outline


  • Fire Behavior
  • Fire Tetrahedron
  • Definitions
  • Types of Heat Energy
  • Heat Transfer
  • Oxygen
  • Fuel
  • Classifications of Fires
  • Stages of Fire Development
  • Fire Control
  • Methods of Extinguishment
  • Extinguishing Agents
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Inspection of Fire Extinguishers
  • Extinguishers Operation
  • Use of Fire Hoses - hose line characteristics, nozzles, general guidelines
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Standard Issue PPE
  • Bunker/Turner Gear
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Practice Exercises

  • Fire Evolutions
    • Pan/spill fire - extinguish with portable fire extinguisher
    • Engine fire - 2 person team extinguishes with portable fire extinguishers
    • Flange Fire (Propane/Liquid fuel) - extinguish with portable fire extinguisher, simulate valve closure
    • Hose handling procedures, nozzle operation
    • Electrical Fire - extinguish with portable fire extinguisher
  • Hose handling procedures, nozzle operation
  • Use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Smoke maze and/or compartment search

Course is held monthly. Call for dates.

Tuition: $600
0.8 CEUs