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Basic Firefighting - USCG/STCW '10

This two-day course is one of the elements of the USCG/STCW Basic Training program and is designed to teach participants the importance of fire prevention, the proper actions to be taken upon discovering a fire, and how to protect themselves with existing firefighting equipment within their work area.

Upon completion, the certificate is valid for five years.

Successful completion of this course will satisfy:

  • Training requirements of 46 CFR 10.205(I)(2) and Section A-VI/1 and Table A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code
  • Basic Firefighting training requirements of 46 CFR 10.205(g) and 10.401(g)(1) for a license; AND
  • Firefighting training requirements of 46 CFR 13.113(d)(2)(i)(A) or (B), 13.201(e), 13.301(e), 13.401(d), or 13.501(e) for any tankerman endorsement.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Theory of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire detection
  • Fixed firefighting systems
  • Miscellaneous firefighting equipment
  • Ship firefighting organization
  • Firefighting methods
  • Firefighting drills
  • Review and final assessment

Course is held 2 -3 times monthly. Call for dates.

Tuition: $700
1.6 CEUs