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Basic Training Revalidation - USCG/STCW '10

This one-day course is comprised of two USCG Basic Training elements.

The course will provide a means for a mariner to revalidate their Basic Training endorsement. It is designed for mariners that have met the requirements for initial competency in Basic Training and are actively serving on seagoing ships. This will be considered as having demonstrated continuing competence for some of the Basic Training components provided they have completed at least 360 days of seagoing service within the past five years.

Some of the components required for Basic Training revalidation cannot be performed safely onboard a ship; therefore, shore-side assessments for the following components must be successfully demonstrated in Coast Guard approved training.

Upon completion, the certificate is valid for five years.

This course includes:

Personal Survival Techniques as set out in 46 CFR 12.602 (d)(1) and Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code:

  • Don and use an immersion suit;
  • Safely jump from a height into the water;
  • Right an inverted liferaft while wearing a lifejacket;
  • Swim while wearing a lifejacket; and
  • Keep afloat without a lifejacket.

Fire prevention and Firefighting as set out in 46 CFR 12.602 (d)(2) and Table A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code:

  • Use various types of portable fire extinguishers;
  • Extinguish smaller fires, e.g., electrical fires, oil fires, and propane fires;
  • Extinguish extensive fires with water, using jet and spray nozzles;
  • Extinguish fires with foam, powder, or any other suitable chemical agent;
  • Fight fire in smoke-filled enclosed spaces wearing self-contained breathing apparatus;
  • Extinguish fire with water fog or any other suitable firefighting agent in an accommodation room or simulated engine room with fire and heavy smoke
  • Extinguish oil fire with fog applicator and spray nozzles, dry chemical powder

Course is held 2 - 3 times monthly. Call for dates.

Tuition: $600
0.8 CEUs